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What We Offer is one of the fastest growing insurance comparison portals in New Zealand. We help customers in comparing different insurance policy quotes and products like life, car, health, travel, investment, pension and business among others.

Home Insurance

Kiwi's should ensure their home & belongings can be replaced or repaired, in case of theft or destruction. We’ll track down home & contents insurance to guard your prized possessions

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Health Insurance

Use our comparison service to find health insurance that may help pay for treatment costs as a private patient, skip public waiting lists, or subsidise out-of-hospital services (e.g. teeth cleans)..

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can cover unexpected costs if you fall ill, are injured, or lose your belongings. It is invaluable protection, and we help you find the right product – no matter where you’re travelling.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance pays out a sum of money to your family if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness or pass away. We give you the tools to find a policy that covers your household’s future needs.

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Business Insurance

We compare a broad range of business insurance products that protect your interests; such as public liability insurance, professional indemnity cover, even insurance to cover website hacks.

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Vehicle Insurance

Seek out a car insurance policy that covers repair costs (for your vehicle and others), property damage, and more. Our comparison service is the only tool you need to find the right product.

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Trauma Cover Insurance

Recovering from a serious illness, injury or medical procedure takes time. Trauma Recovery Insurance provides you with a lump sum payment to help financially while you recover. It covers 44 medical events, conditions and surgical procedures including many types of cancer, heart attack and stroke.

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Income Protection insurance

Your income is often your biggest asset and losing it can turn life upside down. If you’re unable to work—either temporarily or permanently—because you’re sick or injured, Income Protection Insurance will provide you with money to live on as a monthly payment while you’re not receiving your salary or wage.

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Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage Protection cover can provide you peace of mind if you knew that your income could still support the family. This would ensure your largest expense (monthly mortgage repayments) was covered and keep the premium costs down to where you are comfortable paying.

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Why compare with us?

Plenty of partners and hundreds of plans, products and policies. We'll find the one for you.

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We save you time

Why visit 10 websites to find a better deal when you can visit one?

We make it easy

We got the right people to advise you, whether it's your life insurnace, health insurnace or car insurance.

No messy paperwork

Want a great price, without any hassle? Relax, we handle the paperwork.

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You pay $0 to compare on our website. That’s how it will always be.


What People Says About Us


GetInsured finds you great deals across a wide range of products

Do I have to pay for an online quote?

Our comparison is free to use. We promise!

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How much does Insurance cost?

We have a range of products with options that allow you and your financial adviser to tailor your insurance to your needs and budget.

Talk to our adviser today to get a no obligation quote.

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How are premiums calculated?

To calculate your premium we look at your age, gender, smoking status and medical history. For some cover we might also consider your income, occupation and lifestyle choices.

This gives us an overall picture of what the risks are for you and along with what type of cover you have, this allows us to calculate your premium.

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How Can you help me?

Products you buy directly tend to be one-size-fits-all, whereas GetInsured products are customised to you.

We’d encourage you to talk to a financial adviser who can help you make an informed decision. If you haven’t got an adviser, we can help you in your area and organise for them to contact you.

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